Unit Test Framework Plug-in for DITA-OT

This is a Unit Testing framework for the DITA Open Toolkit. This plug-in consists of seven DITA-OT transforms and an ANT library:

  • Unit Testing
    • The unit-test transform allows a user to runs a sequence of dita commands and checks that the documents created match the expected output. This is useful for regresssion testing, and confirming that any custom plug-ins do not conflict when upgrading the base DITA-OT engine.
    • The resource/antlib.xml library offers a series of convenience methods for creating DITA-OT unit tests.
  • Code Coverage
    • The token-report transform checks to see if a series of tokens representing all potential output values are covered by unit tests
    • The xsl-instrument transform annotates an DITA-OT plug-in to enable code coverage reporting
    • The xsl-deinstrument transform removes the instrumentation annotation from a specified plugin
    • The xsl-report transform displays which templates have been invoked whilst running unit tests
  • ANT Profiling
    • The antro transform runs an ANT script profiler against a specified transform and outputs a profiler JSON file
    • The antro.ui transform starts up the UI for the ANT script profiler, allowing a user to load a JSON file and interpret the results.